The Advantages of Mill-turn Machines
Mill-turn numerical control machine tool refers to the machine tool that can complete milling and turning and can be both a milling and lathing machine. The mill-turn machine was first used to process propeller, mainly to avoid the loss of accuracy and datum caused by twice clamping
The Introduction to HP MJF 3D Printing
Though not strictly a 3D printing company, HP has devoted its time to leveraging 3D printing technology for mainstream manufacturing. It is making inroads with its Multi Jet Fusion technology and in 2017
Mathematics Behind Failure Rate for Mass Production
I like to make sure my parts have a failure rate below 1 %, how many pieces should I check?
Why we need a 2D drawing?
2D drawings contain important parameters and set up quality standards
5 Tips For Successful Product Design
5 Tips For Successful Product Design
Complications Caused by Hardening Metals
Metal deformation and too hard for the tool to cut are the two main problems caused by heat treatment
Why manufacturing in China?
The most obvious answer is “low cost”. That is right but that is not all. With 3 decades continuously fast economic growth, manufacturing in China is not “that low cost” anymore, but China is still the most convenient place for manufacturing.
Which Process To Choose for Production
Which process to choose? Experts from Xmake suggest that customers should consider the following 3 aspects: volume, must-have features, cost consideration.
DFM -- Is Your Design Easy to Make?
DFM (Design For Manufacturing) is a popular term. Basically it stands for how easy a design can be made.