Surface Finish
Powder Coating
Powder coating makes use of the corona discharge phenomenon to make powder coatings adsorb on the workpiece.
Baking Varnish
The paint used in baking varnish contains Amino resin, Acrylic Acid resin or other resin that requires high temperature to consolidate.
Spraying Paint
By spraying gun or dish atomizer, with the aid of pressure or centrifugal force, the spray droplets are dispersed into uniform and fine droplets, which are applied on the surface of the workpieces.
Electroless plating
Electroless plating also known as autocatalytic plating is a kind of plating method in which metal ions in plating bath can be reduced to metal and deposited on the surface of parts using appropriate reducing agent without applying current.
Electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on some metal surfaces by using electrolysis principle, to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity and corrosion resistance and improve the aesthetic effect.
In industry, passivation is a process in which metal is treated in nitrite, nitrate, chromate or dichromate solution to form a chromate passivation film on the metal surface.
Black Oxidization
Black Oxidization or Blackening is probably the most popular surface treatment for ferrous metal corrosion protection.
Anodizing (anodic oxidation treatment) is a process of forming a metallic oxide film on the surface of metal products by electrolytic treatment.
Vibratory Finishing
Vibratory finishing is normally applied to small or medium-sized workpieces. Media and workpieces are placed into the basin of a vibratory tumbler, in a wet process, brightening agent and other liquid also are introduced.