Xmake’s Quality Control System

Customers will always put quality in the first place. That’s why Xmake also regards quality as its first priority. Xmake has its own factories but it operates with hundreds of manufacturing partners at the same time. ISO9001 certificate is the basic requirement for joining Xmake’s manufacturing network. Here’re the procedures Xmake follows to ensure the proper operation of its quality control system and guarantee the quality of all the products/parts ordered by its customers.

Pre-production -- Technical Confirmation

Before producing any parts, engineers from Xmake will check and confirm customer’s 2D drawings and 3D drawings, making sure there’re no mistakes or unachievable technical requirements.

During Production – On-spot Quality Checking

Xmake/Xmake manufacturing partners’ QC staff will check the products being produced by a regular frequency according to certain quality management systems.

Before Shipment – Outgoing Quality Control

Before shipping out the parts to the end customers, Xmake will conduct a strict final inspection with high-accuracy measuring equipments in its QC department.

before shipment – outgoing quality control

After-Sale Service – Follow Up Customers Feedback

After the customers receive the products/parts, Xmake’s customer service clerk will follow up with the customers regarding the products/parts quality. If there’s any disparities from the technical drawings, Xmake will reproduce the parts or refund the customers.

Rework & Refund Policy

Xmake is also committed to becoming a trust-worthy manufacturing service provider and it has a extreme customer-oriented rework and refund policy. Customers only need to provides the photos or video to show the disparities, Xmake will take relevant measures to ensure customer satisfaction just like what Amazon does for its customers.

situations for free rework criteria for refunding

Some customers who came to us for the first time, said that they were not sure about the quality of Xmake’s manufacturing services. “Customer First” is the philosophy that Xmake always keeps in mind while doing business. We are a company with missions and want to succeed in market by making our customers satisfied and succeed. If you still have any concerns or questions about the quality of Xmake’s manufacturing services, please feel free to email us via info@xmake.com.